Microsoft workers are revolting

The software colossus which bestrides the Andes to the Ganges is having a little trouble with its staff. The softly spoken and demure CEO Steve Ballmer, who is legendary for opening his cheque book to those who sue the company, has apparently closed it for staff and ordered across the board cuts.

Ballmer quietly announced he was cutting their stock discounts, prescription drug payments and parental leave to save the ailing company $80 million, as it aims to trim more than $1 billion from Vole's cost structure this year. For the record, Steve is sitting on more than $56 billion in cash that the company does not really know what to do with. A poll of employees which has fallen into the hands of the hacks from Her Majesty's loyal press at Reuters shows a high level of miffedness among Microsoft's workers.

News source: The Inquirer

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