Microsoft's cloud services head will stay no matter who is picked as CEO

Microsoft's search for a new CEO to take the place of the retiring CEO Steve Ballmer may still be ongoing, but no matter who is picked to run the company, one top executive who might still be in the running for the job says he will be sticking around Redmond for some time.

Bloomberg interviewed Satya Nadella, the current leader of Microsoft's cloud services business, who stated that he is "absolutely" in place at Microsoft for the long haul. He added, "Microsoft is an exciting place to be at now. It’s an amazing spot to be in." Nadella is rumored to be one of the two remaining front-runners for the CEO gig, with the other being Ford CEO Alan Mulally. As you might expect, Nadella declined to comment to Bloomberg about his own chances for being the new head of Microsoft.

As far as his current job as head of cloud services at Microsoft, Nadella said that their clients are becoming more worried about keeping their data private. He stated, "Customers were asking before – they’re asking more now. It’s actually working to our advantage because we have the flexibility to tailor to our customers’ needs." Earlier this week, Microsoft joined with other tech companies in a campaign looking to reform how the U.S. government handles its data surveillance activities.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Microsoft

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