Mininova: 1 Million Torrents Uploaded

First it breaks the 3 billion .torrent download mark, then Alexa ranks it as the 46th most visited website on the Internet, and now Mininova can claim that it has had over 1,000,000th torrents uploaded to it. Considering the bittorent site only hosts torrents that are uploaded by its users, a million torrents is quite an achievement. Last year in November, that number was half what it is now. If this trend continues, sooner or later someone (RIAA/MPAA/CRIA, you name it) is going to be knocking at, no scratch that, is going to be breaking down the site's owner's door. Mininova founder Niek has said that the few errors that the site spits out time and again, due to the traffic increase, are being worked on and promises an improvement.

News source: TorrentFreak

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