MMO fansite WarCry acquires 2nd Star Trek Online Screenshot

Last week, the popular MMO fansite known as WarCry conducted an interview with Daron Stinnett of P2 Entertainment, Executive Producer of Star Trek Online. The interview covered widely discussed topics such as the game's more "stylized" approach, its casual appeal, and the general direction the game is taking. In addition to the interview, a second screenshot is revealed which appears to show a human character firing a phaser on a Gorn soldier.

WarCry has also attempted to seek comment on a recent lawsuit against P2 Entertainment (formerly Perpetual Entertainment) by Kohnke Communications, Inc. - a public relations firm best known for promoting MMORPG developers such as Red 5 and EA Mythic. Unfortunately, both parties declined to comment on the issue.

WarCry: Recently, rumors suggested that STO would become a more casual game, while others said it would simply adopt a more casual business model. At its core, do you believe that the Star Trek universe is suited a casual experience?

Daron Stinnett: We've always believed that Star Trek is an inviting world for more than just the enthusiasts so we've stayed focused on making a game that everyone can enjoy. We know that difficult to learn gameplay can be a barrier for some as is the $15/month subscription fee. It is true that we have been discussing different payment models internally to see if there is a way to enable more people to experience Star Trek Online while ensuring that we are able to pay for the ongoing operating costs of a triple-A MMO. We haven't yet come to any conclusions though.

Screenshot: >> Click here <<
News source: WarCry

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