More revealed of IE 10 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

As you know by now, the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build earlier this week also included a new version of Internet Explorer 10. We've put the web browser through some benchmarks of our own and compared the results to other rival browsers. Now Microsoft has offered up even more information about IE 10 and its new features in the latest Windows 8 version.

In a new entry on the IE developer blog site, Microsoft's Ted Johnson offers up a highly technical post about the new or updated Web platform features in IE 10, in comparison to the earlier version included in the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Some of the new features in the Consumer Preview version of IE 10 include Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for XMLHttpRequest, Interoperable HTML5 Quirks mode and a Meta tag that alerts the web browser user that a web site requires ActiveX add-ons. As we have reported before, web add-ons will only be supported in the classic desktop version of IE 10. The Metro version has no such add-on support.

There are also a number of new features in IE 10 that appeared in the Developer Preview version but have since been improved for the Consumer Preview release. These include HTML5 drag and drop APIs, XMLHttpRequest enhancements and SVG filter effects. More information about these changes and improvements can be checked out in the Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview Guide for Developers.

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