More rumors of next Xbox surface, Blu-Ray drive included?

There's been lots of talk and speculation on the Internet about what the next Xbox game console will have in terms of hardware. Today, reports via unnamed sources that it has learned some new details about what the next Xbox will have inside; it also reports that it will be released sometime in late 2013.

The report claims that the next Xbox will indeed have a Blu-Ray drive inside, contradicting earlier rumors that it would be released without any disc drive at all. It also claims that it will have two GPUs inside that will have the equivalent power of AMD’s Radeon 7000 series. However, the two GPU won't work together in a set-up similar to AMD's CrossFireX or Nvidia's SLI. The article doesn't state if AMD or Nvidia will actually be making the graphics chips for the console.

The next Xbox will also require that always be connecting to the Internet for an anti-piracy measure.

The actual CPU will have “four or six" processor cores, including one dedicated to the next Xbox's operating system and another for the built in Kinect support, according to the article. It also confirms that Microsoft won't be commenting officially about the next Xbox until 2013. Microsoft has already stated it won't be making any announcements about its next Xbox this year.

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