Mozilla CEO speaks out on future of Firefox

APC Magazine in Australia has posted an 8,000 word interview with Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker about where Firefox came from and where it's going. Baker talks about putting Firefox on mobile phones and pocket devices; plans to get into open source graphic and video rendering to compete with Flash and Silverlight; where the $55million a year Firefox earns comes from; the struggle with patents in the software industry; why many more businesses are recontemplating moving to Firefox rather than dealing with the upgrade to IE7, and why Mozilla hasn't yet built an ad-blocker into Firefox. She also talks about how Firefox 3.0 will have a lot more capability around "branding" – will it be the corporate visual theming disaster that was IE4? And how Mozilla's small development office in New Zealand is developing the ability to run web abbs in Firefox without an internet connection. And a cartoon character, "Foxkeh" that has been created to make Firefox more approachable in the Japanese market.

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