MSN launches Money Now, culture and finance collide

Microsoft's web portal, MSN, is launching a new feature today called Money Now. This is new feature will provide insight into the business and investing markets and will also follow trending topics on the web.

Microsoft describes this new service as a “destination for smart, original and entertaining takes on the latest business and investing topics that are buzzing on the web”, right. What we take this to mean is that Microsoft will be providing the business side of the equation to current events in the market.

One example Microsoft highlights is if you have ever wondered how much Psy is making from his record breaking video, Gangnam style, Money Now has the answer.

It would seem that Money Now is a mash-up of culture and finance and this information is captured under the Money Now umbrella. MSN will be providing original content and commentary on the site as well as information about trending topics for investors too.

It’s an interesting blend of financial material with pop-culture and will we be curious to see how this type of content is received in both demographics.

For now, hit up the source link to check out the latest update to the MSN portal.

View: Money Now

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