Nadella talks about his first interview at Microsoft, why he thought he bombed it

Satya Nadella took to the stage of the Grace Hopper Celebration where he was interviewed and talked about a wide variety of topics including his interview at Microsoft. While he is now the CEO, based on his first interview, he thought he would never work at Microsoft.

After a day long interview, which is customary at Microsoft, he was asked a question about a baby that had fallen down.

Nadella was not sure how to answer the question and replied that he would call 911. The interviewer at that time, who was not named, said that was the end of the interview and walked Nadella out.
Why did he walk him out? Well, because of his answer, according to Nadella, said that he lacked empathy; you can listen to that part of the interview which is posted below.

Obviously, Nadella did get hired by Microsoft and the rest is history but it is not every day that you get to hear the CEO of a massive tech company talk about his first interview. 

We have all had hard interviews and screwed up at some point during our career but knowing that Nadella thought he bombed his interview and eventually became CEO, it's a simple message of don't let one bad interaction ruin your career.

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