Skype gets a new UI, downloads now available for Windows and OS X

Microsoft has announced today that they are releasing a new version of Skype for both Windows and OS X. For those of you on Windows, there is a new preview version out; and on OS X, they are releasing 7.0.

Both of the new versions of Skype bring with them a brand new UI that will align the mobile experience to that of the desktop. As you can see from the images in this post, the UI is more modern and better aligns to the new Microsoft design language.

For those that are curious, the build number on the preview version of Skype is

The new UI also brings with it enhancements to the user experience. One update that is included is when performing a video chat, the message window is now on the right side of the screen which makes it easier to send links and other content while chatting.

Aside from the new UI, which is a big change, there is not much else new in the updated applications. If you want to try out the new versions of Skype, you can find the download links below.

Download: Skype Preview for Windows | 7.0 for OS X

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