Neowin Giveaway: HP Data Vault X510 2TB - Winners Announced

HP has announced the creative prize contest winners and our very own Sanvean got third place!  You can see the list of winners below, thanks for entering!

1.      First Place: Brandon Blackmoor (submitted by Slashgear)

2.      Second Place:"Out of Space"  (submitted by Slashgear)

3.      Sanvean’s Data Vault  ad (submitted by Neowin)

         and Cesar Borges’ Data Vault Song Lyrics as sung to the instrumental version of U2’s classic hit “One” 

         (submitted by Gottabemobile)



Data Vault Winner:  Congrats to Sophism on winning the Data Vault!



Up for grabs in this give away is the HP Data Vault X510 ($700 fair market value) to one of our lucky readers.  The contest will be open from April 11, 2010 and will end at 11:59 P.M. EST on April 18th.  The random winner will be notified via PM. Don’t forget to check out the review here, too.

Not only is there a Data Vault up for grabs but entrants who think of creative posters, movies, images etc that encompasses the Data Vault will be entered into a second drawing for a chance to win an HP Mini 311 (first place), Smart Wi-Fi Display (second place), or an HP T-Shirt (third place).  This contest can be entered by each person once, but note that you are not only competing against Neowin members but other websites who are also giving away the Data Vault too for the creative based prizes.   

To enter the random drawing, visit the thread linked to here which is located in the Neowin forums.  You can enter as many times as you want up until the deadline.  After the closing of the contest, a winner will be selected at random from those who enter the contest.  This contest is open to anyone located anywhere as long as you abide by all local laws and taxation.  You will be responsible for any tax or customs fees that are associated with receiving your prize.

Finally, if this post gets 125 Diggs, Neowin will add another mystery prize to the contest.  The mystery prize is valued at over $100.00.

To enter the contest, see this thread here



As this thread has become a spam can, each user can now only enter once. The thought was to leave this thread as an open conversation and not spam grenade the thread, alas the internet has shown its true face again. You can only enter this contest once (total) to ensure fairness among all users and those who can’t enter multiple times per day.

If you have already entered the contest multiple times don’t worry you are not disqualified; we will base it off of your username in the thread.


Dont forget about the creative contest too!


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