Neowin t-shirt contest: Winners announced!

Over the past two weeks, Neowin has hosted a t-shirt contest for members to enter their Neowin related designs with the chance of winning lots of prizes. We had numerous entries and have, by way of a vote, selected a winner. The winner will receive $25, a tier-2 Neowin subscription, a free copy of their t-shirt and their design printed for other Neowinians to purchase. The runner up will have the choice as to whether they want their design printed for Neowinians to purchase and wear alongside the overall winning design. 

Neowin staff have voted and the winning design has been chosen, including the runner up! Although this mockup does not have incorporated into the design, the original concept image did include The final product will be modified to incorporate the winning design and any other requirements.

Winning design:

Full view

Runner up: 

Full view

The winners have seven days to contact Tom with high resolution source materials of their design, if the winner fails to contact Neowin with the source materials, a new winner will be announced. 
Congratulations and stay tuned for the opportunity to purchase these t-shirts!

Contest disclaimer: Upon submission of artwork, the submission becomes the sole property of All rights, including modification, sale, and distribution are reserved. 

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