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Deeper Facebook integration coming to Windows Phone 7 soon

Windows Phone 7 has had excellent Facebook integration from the very first boot, but the platform is lacking in some areas, and it looks like Facebook and Microsoft are intending on adding even deeper integration into the phone.

Neowin today uncovered evidence on Facebook itself that indicates Windows Phone 7 may eventually be able to utilize Facebook Places, as well as Chat, sending and receiving SMS's from the app, alongside various other features. While these features are not yet present on the phone's platform, it appears the permissions to use the features are already in place on Facebook. Microsoft hasn't officially said anything about adding these features, but it would make sense for them to appear sometime. 

The information comes from the "permissions" screen for Windows Phone 7 on Facebook, and can only be seen once the phone is added and allowed to access the users' profile. The Windows Phone 7 platform has access to these features right now, even though some are not implemented:

The official Facebook application, which is available in the marketplace has these permissions right now:

This could all mean that these features aren't that far away, there's been no official announcement from Microsoft, but features such as these could be included in the first Windows Phone 7 platform update, due out sometime next year. Deeper integration would make WP7 even more compelling, especially if chat integration was added. Many users will be happy to hear the news, as further integration could make the platforms following even stronger.

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