Downtime and script issues

As you may of noticed we suffered some downtime today, this is because our hosts ISP decided to catch up on some line work today (what with it being a free day in the States) They replaced a few lines and didnt realise that they were working on BOTH routers at the same time which caused our downtime as some people were not able to connect.

This in turn caused a database error (as everyone was not correctly disconnected) and as we are running a very new script that is still being worked on -it kind of went to pot.

We are aware of the many bugs affecting the site at the moment and I would like to request that if anyone feels they would like to share a bug that hasnt been fixed yet please post a comment here. Many have already been fixed but heres a list of things that still need looking at:

  • Realtime stats counter not working correctly

  • Sidemenu needs tidying up (big time)

  • Comment counts dont always display correctly

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