New Infamous 2 details emerge

This week a barrage of news is coming straight out of Comic Con, the 'Nerd' center for information about upcoming movies, TV shows, games and of course, comics. One of the lucky games to get a personal panel was inFamous 2, and with the panel of developers from Sucker Punch Games, came a wealth of new information regarding the up and coming sequel to 2009's hit super hero open-world game, inFamous.

IGN have stated that the very controversial, character redesign is being scaled back, saying that they have seen images where the character is returning to the familiar design from the first game. This is good news for fans of the first game as it was not a very, welcome, change to the character Cole (the main protagonist of the series).

As well as this bit of news, a heap of news is revealed by Gaming Everything, all the details seen below:

  • Comic like cut-scenes are returning from the first game which is no surprise, but nice to know it is confirmed
  • inFamous 2 is being made much faster because a number of tools, including the physics engine, have already been developed
  • A inFamous 3 has not been ruled out, but the team says they are currently hard at work on the second game
  • Not entirely sure whether the game saves will be carried carry over or not.
  • the new city chosen for inFamous 2 was because they wanted players to recognize the setting easily, and Empire City was mostly destroyed
  • Sadly, ideas for powers from the first game haven’t really come into play for the sequel
  • Fan feedback have influenced inFamous 2, including people’s opinions of Cole and his voice
  • Should be able to move about the city more quickly with new abilities
  • On the multiplayer front: No announcement was made today, but told fans to “stay tuned”, seems to me, that something will be happening for this game.

The game is slated for a 2011 release, and will be available exclusively on the Playstation 3.

Image Credit: IGN

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