New MacBook and MacBook Pro Rumors

For the past week since Apple's 30th Anniversary, the rumor mill has once again gained steam and started concocting new supposedly substantiated rumors to feed the masses abroad. Disappointed by the lack of new product on the first, hopes of releases or announcements are once again rising. Both Think Secret and AppleInsider as well as Mac OS Rumors have reported on similar rumors of an announcement between now and the month of June.


This supposed announcement would involve the release or at least an actual firm release date (similar to the announcement of the MacBook Pro in January) of both a 17" MacBook Pro and a 13.3" MacBook (yes the name iBook is supposedly going to be retired as speculated). The 17" MacBook Pro would replace the aging PPC 17" PowerBook while the new and improved MacBook would be a little more interesting. According to all three sites, the MacBook is to replace both the 12" and 14" iBooks with some even reporting the 12" PowerBook.


According to rumors, the new MacBook should include a 13.3" widescreen with an increased resolution housed in a brand new redesigned housing. Speculation as to what's under the hood varies among the three sites but all speculate at least one Core Duo model. Think Secret reports a lineup similar in specs to the current Mac Mini line up while AppleInsider predicts only Core Duo models with dedicated graphics similar to that of the MacBook Pro.


Mac OS Rumors however is reporting something even more interesting. They predict in addition to the regular MacBook Pro, a totally new model with the moniker MacBook Thin. Supposedly this would fill a gap between a lower priced MacBook and the MacBook Pro with an ultra low voltage laptop using Intel's new ULV Core processor. This rumor however has yet to be supported by other sites.


One thing is for sure though, Apple's iBook is certainly aging and falling behind the times, and whatever the circumstances, an update is in store for the near future.


News source: Think Secret

News source: AppleInsider

News source: Mac OS Rumors

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