New Windows 8 IE10 TV ads include pinning Facebook to Start screen

We have previously seen Microsoft promote Internet Explorer 10 via TV ads showcasing an ex-American Idol contestant. They even made a cleaver video on IE in general that made us look back to the 1990s. This week, two more 30 second TV ads for IE10 were uploaded to YouTube, each with a specific theme.

The first ad shows how IE10 can be used to keep up with your latest pro sports team, such as your favorite soccer club. It concluded with the user pinning his ESPN website on IE10 to the Windows 8 Start screen.

The second ad has a gaming theme, at least at first, as the video show a user going to Major Nelson's site and then playing the touch-enabled Contre Jour game. Then things get really interesting as the video shows IE10 loading up Facebook, which concludes by pinning the Facebook page to the Windows 8 Start screen.

As we have reported many times before, there is still not an official Facebook app for Windows 8, although there is no shortage of third party Facebook Modern apps for the OS to download. This is one of the few times that Microsoft has even referenced Facebook for a Windows 8 or IE commercial. Perhaps it's a way to show Windows 8 users that, in theory, they don't have to wait for Facebook to come up with an app on their own.

Source: IE on YouTube

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