NewsBin Pro 4.0 Pre-Release Build 3703

Thanks jonMEGA - you are one funny guy ;).

NewsBin Pro 4.0 has released a new version of its software.


  • Installer includes installation of help files and NewsBin utility programs. Installer now uses same default directory as version 3.32.

  • Ctrl-T shortcut added to toggle between Automatic Download Mode and Manual mode.

  • Status of toggle is shown in the status bar.

  • Fixed problem with headers disappearing from post list.

  • Load Download List was only working if it was the first thing you did upon starting NewsBin.

  • Fixed problem with connections being left open in certain cases Posts re-submitted for download had leftovers in the downloaded files list.

  • Added prompt for confirmation when sorting groups in groups window.

  • Auto shutdown mode was shutting NewsBin down before the last few files were completely downloaded.

  • If using dialup and the connection is lost, NewsBin will now wait until the connection is re-established before continuing downloading.

  • Read Post Body was leaving connections open when it shouldn't have.
  • Bandwidth limiter that kicks in with the nag screen now goes away when you register NewsBin.

  • More information given if registration fails.
geddit ere.

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