Nintendo announces DS successor, titled 3DS

With the DSi XL barely cooling off from a recent release, Nintendo have finally announced today the true successor to the Nintendo DS. Called the "Nintendo 3DS", it succeeds 2004's Nintendo DS with a new range of games designed from the ground-up for the new hardware. Capitalising on the recent 3D craze in the film industry, the 3DS brings the effect of 3D to a handheld without the need for any sort of special glasses. Rest assured, current DS games will not become obsolete, as the 3DS will include backwards compatibility with current DS games.

For now Nintendo hasn't said anything further about the system, but comments made before by Satoru Iwata indicate the possibility of better graphics and some form of motion sensing. Interestingly, Iwata has questioned the viability of 3D gaming in the past, particularly the long-term health effects. With Nintendo appearing to have either found a solution to the issue or simply changed their mind, could this hint at the release of a 3DTV compatible Wii?

Further details regarding the 3DS will be made public at E3. A release is expected for somewhere between April 2010 and March 2011.

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