Nintendo DS Virus Threat

We've recently been hearing about virus threads to Sony's PSP running a "hacked" 1.5 firmwire but it now seems Nintendo's DS could also be vulnerable. Like the PSP virus, the DS virus is a Trojan disguised as homebrew software.

The virus itself is disguised as software that can view "Hentai" (Erotic Japanese Drawings and Animations). When the use has uploaded this "software" onto their DS handheld it will ruin the consoles firmwire and the damage caused is irreversible.

This recent appearance in handheld viruses for consoles and even mobile phones makes you wonder, will everything in the future need an anti-virus solution. At the moment it may just be homebrew software and hacks that come with malicious code and you might say it'll be a user's own fault for using this, but in the end this code could make it's way onto standard users i.e. a PSP user browsing the internet with the 2.0 firmwire. It's possible.

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