Nintendo Now Number 2 In The U.S.?

Nintendo now reckon their number two in the U.S. Here's the info from the IGN interview:

IGNcube: So tell us, why is everyone at Nintendo so happy?

Perrin Kaplan: Well, number-one we did incredibly well in 2003 on both of our hardware systems. In fact, we basically won 2003 and moved ourselves to the number two spot and Microsoft's Xbox to number three.

IGNcube: And this is in the US or is this worldwide?

Perrin: In the US.

IGNcube: That's excellent news. Congratulations. So let's go over this from the beginning. How were December GameCube sales?

Perrin: Year-on-year we were up 68.5% [in December] based on units sold. We sold about 1.1 million GameCubes in December. We did a little under half a million in December of last year by comparison. For the whole year we were up 35%. Our competitors were both in the negative.

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