Nintendo to sponsor tour

Evanescence, Cold, and Revis will be some of the bands featured on the upcoming Nintendo Fusion Tour.

Nintendo has officially announced that the Nintendo Fusion Tour will kick off this August in Los Angeles. The tour will not only feature a variety of games for the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, but it will also include a number of musical performances from bands like Evanescence, Cold, Revis, Cauterize, and Finger Eleven. The tour will venture to 25 cities around the country and eventually end up in the Pacific Northwest at the end of September.

"Our culture today is about blending all the things that we love and living a seamless lifestyle," said George Harrison, senior vice president, marketing and corporate communications, Nintendo of America. "The Nintendo Fusion Tour perfectly mirrors that dynamic--merging music, gaming, and culture into one experience."

News source: GameSpot

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