Nintendo Wii U teardown

The Wii U has only been on the shelves for 24 hours in the US, and it’s already had its bare parts exposed for all to see by our friends over at Anandtech.

Much was made of the Wii U and its early entry into the next generation console wars. With the Xbox and Playstation rumoured for a refresh in 2013 or early 2014, the Wii U is jumping the gun and releasing hardware that, on paper at least, out classes the current Xbox and Playstation consoles, thanks to their age.

During the teardown, similarities in the console and how it’s put together were drawn with the original Wii, noting that the U looks like a larger Wii. There is a proprietary optical drive in there, along with a dedicated 802.11n controller to handle the Miracast display streaming between the console and the GamePad, as well as the known 2GB RAM, PowerPC based CPU and RV7xx GPU.

So, if you want to know what the Wii U is packing, have a read of the full teardown!

Source and Image: Anandtech

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