Nokia 808 Pureview joins Lumia 800 in space

Nokia seems to like the idea of putting its smartphones into the high reaches of the atmosphere. Earlier this month, the company reported that a Lumia 800 was attached to a weather balloon and sent sent aloft over Wales, going as high as 105,000 feet.

Now Nokia has released a new video that shows the same thing being done with its new 808 Pureview smartphone. This time the launch was made in Iceland, with the video showing a lot of the country's beautiful terrain as the team from Nokia prep the smartphone for its balloon journey to the upper atmosphere.

The first attempt apparently was a failure as the package with the 808 Pureview went into the sea. The second balloon launch was more successful as the package with the smartphone was recovered and taken back to the team.

The last few seconds of the video actually shows the image taken by the 808 Pureview from where the team claims was 34 km (about 21 miles) above Iceland. The ending is a bit anti-climatic; we were hoping for more after over five minutes of build up. Still, there's not many smartphones that have been put that high above the Earth, so that's something at least.

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