Nokia and China Mobile team up to sell Windows Phone devices

Many are wondering when Nokia will be releasing its first Windows Phone device. While that date is still not known, Nokia's executive VP Colin Giles announced that it will be selling its devices in China in conjunction with China Mobile, according to

This is excellent news for Microsoft who is trying to spread the proliferation of its platform to consumers as China Mobile currently has 600 million subscribers. For Nokia, this represents a massive opportunity for growth and for Microsoft, it will be a sure fire way to increase the adoption rate of its latest mobile OS.

Earlier this year Microsoft inked a deal with Nokia to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone for its premium devices. Microsoft is expecting that this deal will help to quickly spread the adoption rate and appeal of its new mobile platform.

Microsoft is also about to release a major update to its Windows Phone platform. The update, ‘Mango’, brings many new features to the platform; 500 in total. The update is expected to roll out in the coming weeks, but a firm deadline has not been announced publicly by Microsoft.

Bringing Windows Phone to China is a big win for Nokia and Microsoft. But, just because the new devices are on sale in China, does not guarantee mass consumer adoption.

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