Android malware hiding as Google+ app discovered

Google's Android smartphone and tablet operating system is well known for its various malware threats. Now a new report from Trend Micro has discovered yet another Android malware download that can actually look somewhat like a legitimate app for the Google+ social networking service. In fact the malware shows up with the name Google++ when it is installed.

This malware, which has the name ANDROIDOS_NICKISPY.C, can collect "data such as text messages, call logs, and GPS location from infected devices". That info is then sent to a remote URL address where presumably whomever created the malware collects the data. It can also record phone conversations which is similar to another Android malware threat that was discovered earlier this month. However this new malware threat can also answer incoming calls to the infected smartphone. It addition the malware can also receive commands via simple text messages.

Trend Micro did not reveal where this new Android malware threat comes from. While Google has removed a number of malicious software releases from its Android market in the past, some malware threats come from third party download services as well as shady malware-specific locations.

Trend Micro has posted up a list of things that Android users can try to stop malware threats. Users can properly set up their security settings on their smartphone and also disable connecting to a WiFi router automatically. People should also take a look at the permissions you will have to give for each app they get for their Android phone. Also people should consider blocking your smartphone's access to any online store other than Android Market.

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