Nokia launches Lumia Challenge campaign

The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign may have taken a few publicity hits lately, but Nokia is apparently impressed with Microsoft's viral marketing effort. It is so impressed, in fact, that it is basically copying it for their own Lumia Challenge. Nokia UK posted a video showing off the effort on YouTube (via this week.

Like Smoked by Windows Phone's launch at CES 2012, the Lumia Challenge has team members from Nokia going up to people in shopping centers in London and offering them prizes if they win small timed challenges with their smartphones up against the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 800. The prize for winning isn't all that great; the winners just get 10 pounds. However, everyone gets a 50 pound voucher they can use to buy a Lumia device.

The challenges include things like updating their Facebook status, searching for a song and more. The video only shows people losing against the Lumia 800 so there's no word if anyone actually received the 10 pound prize for winning. However, it looks like Nokia's got the right idea with these kinds of efforts; keep things simple and keep the campaign as a guerrilla style marketing effort, rather than expand it to include big prizes such as a $1,000 laptop.

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