Nokia reveals Lumia Windows Phone 8 Storage Check app

Today's smartphones have storage capacities that would seem roomy just a few years ago. However, many smartphone owners store tons of user-made images and videos on their devices, not to mention downloadable music, movies and apps. Before too long, the amount of free storage can disappear.

Today, Nokia announced that owners of its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia smartphones will soon be able to get a new, free app designed to give them a better way to check their phone's storage capacity. The app is simply called Storage Check and, for now, will be exclusively for Lumia Windows Phone 8 users.

A new post on the official Nokia blog shows off screenshots of the Storage Check app, which includes a wheel icon that is color coded with different storage categories (apps, media, system and free space). Nokia says, "This enables you to immediately check what’s taking up the space on your phone. If you want a more detailed view, the total/used number in the centre of the wheel tells you more. Additionally, swiping right will bring the details panel into view."

Unlike the current default storage settings on regular Windows Phone devices, the Lumia Storage Check can also offer much more information on exactly how much space items like emails, photos and music are taking up. Temporary files can also be quickly deleted. Nokia will add the Storage Check app for new Lumia smartphones either out of the box or via a firmware update. Older Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones will get the Storage Check app in the near future.

Source: Nokia | Image via Nokia

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