Nvidia Detonators v29.40 RefreshRate Fixed

Thanks DigitalDJ for the heads up in back page news (forums) that NVchips-fr have put up the latest 29.40 drivers that are refresh rate fix compatible.

These appear to be for Windows 2000 and XP only so don't download if you are running anything with a 9 in the title hehe (or Me)

Just for those that dont know. NVIDIA drivers that are released for Win2k/XP are currently set at a maximum of 60Hz within D3D and OpenGL games. A Tool like NVIDIA RefreshRate can change that to match your prefered desktop frequency, but only if the drivers allow it. The latest NVIDIA drivers disable that "tweak" Without modifying the .inf the tool is powerless to set the refreshrate.

Download: Detonator XP v29.40 for Win2k/XP Refresh Rate Fixed

News source: NVChips-fr

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