NVIDIA launches 3D Vision 2 PC glasses

NVIDIA has been the leader in 3D PC gaming with its 3D Vision technology. For the past few years, NVIDIA's 3D Vision glasses, matched with compatible monitors and PC laptops, have allowed gamers to see and play hundreds of PC games in 3D. This week, NVIDIA announced that it will be releasing 3D Vision 2, a second generation version of its 3D glasses. The glasses will be released later this month.

The redesigned glasses have lenses that are 20 percent larger than the current version and are made of a new soft composite material that should make wearing the glasses more comfortable if a gamer is also wearing a headset. The glasses are backwards compatible with all of the older 3D Vision monitors and games. NVIDIA will sell the 3D Vision 2 glasses kit, which contain one pair of the glasses along with the required wireless USB IR emitter, for $149. The glasses by themselves will also be sold for $99.

In addition to the new glasses, NVIDIA has also announced 3D Lightboost, a new technology that's designed for monitors to generate up to two times the brightness for 3D games and images compared to older monitors. It also allows for better color shading and increases environmental lighting. The first PC monitor that will have the 3D Lightboost technology is the 27 inch ASUS VG278H. The monitor will be sold with a pair of 3D Vision 2 glasses for $699 later this month. Other monitors with 3D Lightboost will be released in the coming months and a number of laptops sold by Toshiba will also be compatible with the new brighter 3D technology.

Image via NVIDIA

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