Offworld Trading Company gets Conspicuous Consumption DLC

Offworld Trading Company has been an eclectic mix of RTS, city builder, and stock trading game. The gameplay is really good and has provided some enjoyable hours of diversion against AI opponents. Now Stardock and developer Mohawk Games are adding a bit of flash and flair to the game with a just-released Conspicuous Consumption DLC.

If you have played the game, you'll recognize the unique structures such as the Pleasure Dome, the Hacker Array, the Offworld Market, the Patent Lab, and the Optimization Center. Now, each of those structures is getting two new skins:

  • Pleasure Dome: Dance off inside a fun time disco ball or skip the dancing in a neon diner.
  • Hacker Array: Enjoy a "Las Vegas" feel with a roulette wheel or embrace the retro style with an old radio tower.
  • Offworld Market: Send your goods offworld in a giant Popsicle or a sleek retro rocket.
  • Patent Lab: Research patents inside a giant Rubik's cube or a sci-fi robot head.
  • Optimization Center: Burst some bubbles with a bubble machine or conduct some electricity with a massive Tesla coil.

The DLC costs $2.99 and is available now on Steam or through Stardock.

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