Opera GX gets network limiter to improve your gaming experience

Until recently, the idea of a gaming-dedicated browser was pretty much unheard of. Opera decided to change that when it announced Opera GX at E3 earlier this year, and, somewhat surprisingly, it celebrated one million downloads just last week. Today, the company announced a few new features that make the browser even more suitable for fans of gaming.

For starters, there's a new network limiter, which does what you'd probably expect and joins the CPU and RAM limiters that were already included. You can set a maximum amount of bandwidth that your browser can use, and it won't go over that limit. Opera names a few use cases for this, such as streaming music or a movie from the internet while playing online, or if you have many users in your house, in which case you could limit the bandwidth on other devices, so your gaming doesn't get interrupted.

Another new feature is in the GX Corner, which will now include a calendar with upcoming video game releases curated by the Opera team. The listings also show which platforms the games are coming to, and Opera says it's working to add more information to the titles in the GX Corner.

The Twitch integration has some improvements as well, and it now lets you filter the streamers you follow, and if you hover the mouse over a channel, you'll see the cover art for the game they're currently playing. It also now has some customization options, including choose a layout and hover style. You can also toggle sound notifications on and off.

Opera has also improved the integration with Razer Chroma, so color transitions will now be smoother. Chroma lighting will also match the brightness of your browser window.

Finally, the browser has a number of feedback buttons scattered throughout the UI so you can share your thoughts more easily. If you haven't yet, you can download Opera GX from the downloads page on the company's website.

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