Pegatron won't comment if it's making the Surface tablet

One of the many questions that's still being debated about the new Surface tablet from Microsoft is which manufacturing group is actually making the device. So far, Microsoft has not said which manufacturer the company is working with on building the Windows 8/RT based tablet. In an interview with Bloomberg today, Charles Lin, the chief financial officer for the Taipei-based Pegatron, would not comment if his company has anything to do with the Surface.

Lin did have something to say about Microsoft's new tablet plans. He stated:

I think this is the major purpose of them doing a tablet, as it can enhance their ecosystem, to help them promote and get a lot of developers to make apps to share in their store. This kind of device may help them to promote their Win8 solutions and demonstrate the strengths and capabilities of the new Windows 8.

Pegatron was previously a subsidiary of Asus but was spun off into its own separate company in 2010. Lin did say the company is making as many as five different tablet products for both Windows 8 as well as the Android OS. However, he would not state which customers Pegatron is working with on these tablets.

Source: Bloomberg

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