Port your number over to Google Voice


Google is currently testing a new feature for Google Voice, 'number porting'. This new features gives users the ability to port their existing landline or cell phone number over to Google Voice.

BGR reports that the new number porting feature is open to a select number of Google Voice users, but it comes at a price. Google is charging a $20 number transfer fee, payable through Google Checkout. However, there may be other fees for transferring your number over. Your current landline or carrier may charge you an additional early termination fee, which could range in the hundreds of dollars to end a contract.

To begin transferring your number over to Google Voice, simply click on Settings in the top right, then click voice settings, and finally, on the phone tab, click change / port. Follow the two easy steps and pay the $20 transfer fee, and you'll have all your incoming calls forwarded to Google Voice.

Users with a contract should check with their carrier first, to ensure they aren't going to be nailed with an early termination fee.

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