Pre-pare yourself for 2002: Ten uses for an old PC

Got an old PC gathering dust somewhere? Here are ten ways to reuse it - and maybe even make some cheeky cash in the meantime.

We've all got an old clunker in our lives. Some ancient piece of noisy, dust-ridden, grubby stuff that was quite attractive when you first met but now seems an embarrassing reminder of what you used to think was cool. You may also have an old PC. While we can't help with many of your lifestyle mistakes, we're at hand on this one. Here are ten ideas to keep geriatric technology useful for just that little bit longer.

1. Firewall for your home network

Pros: Marks you out as a true geek, very cheap, very effective, good way to learn Linux. Cons: Marks you out as a true geek. Good way to learn Linux. You'll have to find somewhere to put it where the wheezing fans won't drive the entire house to distraction, and if you've got a house that big then what do you care about saving fifty quid like this?

News source: ZDnet Australia

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