Proof of Concept Virus for StarOffice Appears

The first virus for StarOffice, Virus.StarOffice.Stardust.a, was discovered yesterday. While only a proof of concept, meaning it has not been used for malicious purposes, this may be a reminder that nobody is 100% safe in this day and age. The virus itself, which uses the macros feature of StarOffice, infects all StarOffice text files and template files. The damage? Stardust simply downloads an adult image from the web and opens the image inside of a new Star Office document. If you are at all concerned, disabling the macro features of the office suite will prevent any and all damage.

"Kostya", who works for Kaspersky Labs, believes the virus could also be a threat to OpenOffice, though modification of the source code would be needed.

News source: Analyst's Diary

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