Quake/Hexen II on Dreamcast

dcquake is porting Quake, Quake II and Hexen to Dreamcast console with Quake and Hexen II being released just yesterday. You can use the shareware or full versions of either game to burn your disc, but it does not come with any of the levels or game data.



- working quake and glquake

- quake: sometimes buggy color.

- glquake: transpalency bug

- both run with shareware version data files or commercial CD-ROM.

- MOD/TC can work.

- full control using pad (except console) , and mouse,keyboard support

- sound

- save to visual memory with zlib compression and icon

- cd-da music (but disabled -- if you read data from pc using dcload-ip and cd-da from cd, work fine)

- no network

Hexen II

- working glhexen2 only (because hexen2 soft render use x86 asm code)

- same features as quake

- transpalency bug

- no network

- no midi music

News source: SourceForge

News source: dcquake

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