Qualcomm S4 quad-core processor in new LG smartphone

There’s no stopping the move to quad-core computing on phone handsets. The latest device to make the move is a not-so-secret smartphone (or "superphone"), dubbed the LG Optimus G. The specification has been rumoured to have:

  • Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 (confirmed by Qualcomm)
  • 1.5-1.7 GHz Quad-core Krait (confirmed by Qualcomm)
  • 2GB RAM
  • Adreno 320 GPU (confirmed by Qualcomm)
  • LTE modem
  • 4.7inch IPS True HD display
  • 13MP camera

The specifications of the device are simply the evolution of current handsets, but this is the first smartphone to use a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip. The GPU also gets a performance increase with the introduction of the Adreno 320. Qualcomm’s current dual-core MSM8960 is currently performing well against Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core chip in their Galaxy SIII.

It hasn’t been said what OS the phone will run, but looking at the specification it’s more than likely to be a version of Android, probably Jelly Bean.

With the number of cores doubling, the GPU getting approximately twice the performance gain and the addition of other power hungry components, there’s no telling just what the battery life of the device will be. Good software from LG will be the key in winning consumers over from the already well received Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Source: Hexus

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