Latest Chrome OS developer update (almost) bricks Chromebooks

It’s not uncommon for updates to break certain functionality or software on a device. But what do you do if an update rendered a device completely useless? That’s the problem Google is facing, with the latest developer update to its Chrome OS reported to be (almost) bricking Chromebooks.

Developed alongside the desktop version, the developer update 22.0.1229.12 was as routine an update as you could get. Containing bug fixes for the most part, the update was being prepared for beta classification.

Google have provided instructions to recover your device, if you’ve been one of the unlucky users whose devices have been affected. The catch is that the users are required to reinstall the OS. Chromebooks aren’t the most widely used device, and some users might not be comfortable following the instructions that Google has provided. But as this was a developer update, the users should be more confident in their technical ability.

This is a major gaff for the developers of the fledgling OS, as you would expect the update to be tested fully before release. Google will learn a lesson here, and will need to review policies and procedures to prevent a repeat of this incident we think.

Google has stated they will fix the update and resume its roll out soon.

Source: Softpedia

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