Quintessential Player v4.11 Beta (Build 69)

QCD is all about the music. It aches to play great songs and visually entertain. If a feature wasn't about the music or enjoyment, we didn't add it.

QCD is all about you. With its freeform skinning and plentiful choices of plugins QCD can be as simple or feature rich as you like. It knows its place and won't try to take over your system. QCD is as user friendly as we can make it, but still hardcore enough for the pros.

Change Log:

  • fixed skinning issues with extension 9

  • fixed behavior with invalid break map scenarios

  • fixed crossfader issues created in B68

  • fixed QuickTrack context menu selection bug from B68

  • fixed tray system menu (banner, lang change not updating in menu)

  • fixed DiskWriter plugin crashing with filenames > 128 chars

  • fixed other smaller bugs and quirks

  • updated video plugin v1.20

  • updated crossfader plugin v2.80

  • updated base skin timer font

  • added autosizing buffer option to crossfader

  • added 'prompt on delete' option for physically deleting files

  • added flat display option for playlist menu

Download: Quintessential Player

Screenshot: >> Click here <<

News source: Quinnware

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