Radar 4G is T-Mobile's 3rd best selling device 2 months in a row

We all know that Windows Phone is using a come from behind strategy and if you wanted some evidence that the devices are actually being moved off the shelf, Canaccord Genuity has good news for you (via BGR/Wmpoweruser). 

According to Canaccord, the HTC Radar 4G, for the second month in a row, came in third place for T-Mobile's top selling handsets. This is surely good news that consumers, to some degree, are warming up to the new platform. For Microsoft, this is the first step on a long road to breaking back in to the mobile market.

The fact that the device was able to climb on to the podium is encouraging but one can not overlook that Android and the iPhone still dominate the landscape. In fact, the iPhone dominated the charts on the three major carriers that currently offer the device.

So, while it is a small win to see a Windows Phone on the charts, Microsoft has a long way to go before it can feel secure about its position in the mobile segment. 

With the Lumia 900 right around the corner, the tides could shift. While the device has yet to launch, its sibling, the Lumia 800, has received praise from many different venues and the 900 should follow in those footsteps. 

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