Red Hat Inc. acquires CoreOS in hybrid cloud push

Red Hat has announced that it has acquired CoreOS Inc. for a price of $250 million. With the purchase, the open source giant plans to combine the two companies’ technologies to accelerate adoption and development of industry’s leading hybrid cloud platform for modern application workloads.

Discussing the acquisition of his company, Alex Polvi, CEO at CoreOS, said:

“Red Hat and CoreOS’s relationship began many years ago as open source collaborators developing some of the key innovations in containers and distributed systems, helping to make automated operations a reality. This announcement marks a new stage in our shared aim to make these important technologies ubiquitous in business and the world. Thank you to the CoreOS family, our customers, partners, and most of all, the free software community for supporting us in our mission to make the internet more secure through automated operations.”

Founded in 2013, CoreOS has helped many organisations around the world, and of all sizes, automatically update and patch servers without having to take servers offline. The timely updates also mean that admins don’t have to worry about keeping ahead of security vulnerabilities.

Red Hat will inherit the technologies CoreOS has been working on in its short five years of existence including CoreOS Tectonic, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform which provides automated operations and allows for portability across private and public cloud providers; there’s also CoreOS Quay, an enterprise-ready container registry. There’s Container Linux, which is maintained by CoreOS and includes automatic software updates and is designed for running containers.

Overall, the acquisition is a very important one for Red Hat as more and more customers are turning towards cloud computing and containers, and offers good balance against other companies heavily invested in the cloud, including Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu.

Source: Red Hat

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