Researchers Discover Rootkit Variation

While there might not be new malicious threats under the sun, there are plenty of new ways to spin old virus attacks. Trend Micro researchers discovered last weekend a new variation of a MBR rootkit released in the wild, which contains new technology to prevent detection. When combined with Web threats, the new rootkit is proving to be both a destructive and prolific combination, security experts say.

The rootkit models a similar virus from several years ago but with one added twist -- the ability to circumvent a lot of anti-rootkit software and remain undetected. "It's a spin on an old attack," said Jamz Yaneza, research project manager for Trend Micro. "This is typical of virus writers and mothership authors trying to find ways and means to make it more difficult." The malware then sits on the infected computer unbeknownst to the user, allowing attackers to infiltrate a system in order to steal passwords, financial information and other personal data.

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