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RadioTracker helps music lovers find, listen and download their favorite artists and songs from around the web. Users can enjoy listening to selected music 70,000 artists, 20,000 Internet radio stations and 80 music genres all from one select program.

RadioTracker offers users the experience to listen, download and even has built in ID3 tag support for downloaded songs in great quality.

The radio feature on RadioTracker does exactly what it needs to do, searches for your set genre, all while showing accurate display information about the stations current song, with the artist and track played, as well as how many minutes and seconds the song has been playing. Users can easily tune into any radio station from around the globe with a click of the mouse, streaming various artists.

RadioTracker also comes with a built in music finder, which helps find your set artists. Adding an artist to your wishlist is very easy, browsing through thousands of commercial artists. The music finder will listen and track down when your favorites are being played, displaying detailed information about it. Users can even download and track thousands of podcasts available on the internet, giving a brief description, URL, and even categories for each podcast.

RadioTracker also comes with an added bonus of being able to download music directly from the Internet radio station right to your desktop. The quality of the music varies from station to station given an average of 128kbps MP3. Testing this feature out can easily eat up your Internet bandwidth cap in a few days, constantly downloading every track to your desktop, not to mention fill a hard drive very easily. Each track is downloaded into individual folders for future findings.

The program works great, performs wonderfully, streaming tracks almost uninterrupted during regular application launching and CPU stress. The MusicFinder has trouble finding some selected bands of my choice, not finding very many results of my selected artists.


The interface needs a great overhaul. The program almost looks as if features were added here and there during regular builds, with a very confusing and very cluttered interface. The choice of colours doesn't seem very appealing and could possibly benefit from an overhaul on both the layout and design.

MP3 Playback:
The quality of the downloaded tracks was very good, ranging from 128kbps 320kbps, leading more so into the 128kbps range. With the convenience of music downloaded right to your desktop, a small few of them containing radio host voices in the tracks surprised me that this feature was enabled by default, taking me by surprise that random music was appearing in Windows Media Player.

The price starts at $26.90 (US) for the RadioTracker Premium, giving you the ability to download thousands of tracks, but if users are into locating and listening to their favorite artists, perhaps RadioTracker Premium with MusicFinder for $39.90 would better suit users.

I found this program extremely useful in listening to music from my desktop, which now competes with my Sirius widget on my desktop. If the interface was better improved, including the overall layout for better user navigation I would recommend this program to everyone. RadioTracker should disable 'Save Tracks' by default, as many users, including myself, could find themselves with hundreds of MP3's in their music collection. Great program and fun to use, worth trying out.

Link: RadioTracker Home Page

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