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Our Neowin Shift Linux Developer and moderator Barney, pointed me to a review by Sunny Talks Tech blogger Saptarshi Purkayastha on the latest release of Shift Linux 0.5 RC2. It's a great read for anyone who hasn't tried the Live CD yet and in my opinion quite a flattering review coming from an established Linux user.

Snip from the review: "I've been a Linux user for 10+ years and have contributed a lot of code and bug reports to different distros (distributions) over time. Just lately, I heard about a new distro over at called ShiftLinux. It is a community effort from Neowin users to create a Linux distribution... And as soon as I heard, I wondered why another distribution? But soon realized, more people coming to the Linux world, would mean a better future for Linux.

Based on Morphix Linux, Shift is Debian based and I decided to try the latest ShiftLinux 0.5 RC2. Most stuff are going to be the same between this one and 0.5 Final to b released on 10th Nov,2007. I prefer to use KDE, and hence got the KDE version. The distro can be downloaded from Neowin's server or via Bittorrent. I used Bittorrent to download but to my disappointment, found only 2 seeds. I was expecting a few more seeds (it's a yr old, so may be the initial excitement is over). But the download was pretty fast."

He also mentions the widely misconceived myth that we are not just a Windows site, we have since the beginning always supported and enjoyed both Linux and Apple members on the forums, we publish news on the two subjects and of course welcome and support the Neowin Shift Linux project.

View: Full Article @ Sunny Talks Tech
Download: Neowin Shift Linux 0.5 RC2 almost 20,000 served (not including Bittorrent)
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