RFID - between spying and utility

It's the year 2010. You're watching your favorite news show to see what's happening in the crazy world of technology. The show is interrupted by commercials. You think this is a good time for a cup of coffee or tea, when suddenly the face of your girlfriend shows up on the screen telling you to buy the latest model of mp3 player with a miniature hard disk of 1.5 TB and a weight of only 20 grams (suitable for any occasion), offered by the Wall-Stone distribution network.

You don't have time to recover from the shock, because the next commercial shows your best friend recommending you the latest car model, personalized according to the wishes described to the car dealer you spoke to about changing your car.

Intrigued, you turn off the TV set, but you forget to disconnect from the Internet. You hear your girlfriend's voice on the speakers of the media center; she reminds you that only the latest latex condoms offer complete protection against unwanted offspring.

Are you hallucinating? Is this a bad scenario of a poor SF movie?

No! Welcome to the wonderful world of RFID! (where we know everything about how to serve our favorite customer)

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