[Update] Rumor: Nokia China has sold two million Lumia 920s this quarter

Nokia has yet to see huge success with its Windows Phone efforts but that doesn't mean the company is not making progress in selling its devices. A report from WinP.com claims that Nokia China has just celebrated the sale of two million Lumia 920Ts on the China Mobile network.

The 920T is the Chinese variant of it's popular Lumia 920 that includes Pureview technology and a 720p HD screen. According to this report the team managed to reach this sale number between December 5th and March 5th, though sales would have been higher if not for constant supply problems. The small internal celebration was supposedly led by Gustavo Eichelmann, Nokia's global VP and head of Nokia China.

If this is indeed accurate, and the trend is similar in other markets then Nokia's first financial quarter of 2013 might prove to be better than expected, the company may even find itself with a profit in its coffers again.

According to this same report, the new low-end Lumia 720 and 520 will also find their way quite soon into the Chinese market, and they should fit in quite well due to their affordable prices. We'll have to wait and see what the exact sales numbers are on April 18th, that's when Nokia reveals this quarter's financials.

Update: WinP.cn have updated their original article and there seems to have been some miscommunication from their sources. According to the latest info, the total number of WP8 activations in China is close to two million rather than just Lumia 920s. It also seems that the original two million number also included some WP 7.x devices. This doesn't invalidate the news altogether it just sets a much more realistic tone to the whole thing.

Update#2: This is simply getting silly now. Nokia China has issued a statement to WPCentral denying everything: "We had an internal celebration some time back. An employee took some snapshots and uploaded to Sina Weibo. The pictures were deleted quite soon though. These pictures are genuine, however the '2M' live tile doesn't stand for '2 million'. I can't tell you what it stands for however."

Source: WinP.cn Via: WMPoweruser | Image via WinP.cn

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