Rumor: Nokia Lumia 920 coming to Telstra on November 5th

We all know that Nokia's new set of Windows Phone 8-powered Lumias are coming, but so far the company, along with the carriers selling their phones, have kept quiet on exactly when we can get our hands on the smartphones. We recently received a tip from forum member Fred 69, who claims that Australian carrier Telstra is planning to launch the flagship Lumia 920 on November 5th.

Fred mentioned his workplace has a partnership with Telstra, and at a recent conference they showed off upcoming devices including the Nokia Lumia 920, saying they are aiming to launch the device on November 5th. This is to supposedly coincide with the international launch of the Lumia 920 on AT&T on November 4th, however he mentions Telstra's release dates can get pushed back by up to 10 days.

There is also speculation that the Lumia 920 will cost AU$999 from Telstra as an unlocked phone, although this was not mentioned specifically at the event. Traditionally unlocked phones on Australian carriers demand a huge premium over street prices, with phones such as the Galaxy S III 4G costing AU$864 outright, but AU$999 does sound like more than your average flagship smartphone.

We can't confirm for sure that the Lumia 920 will be available on November 5th, but Micrsoft will be announcing more details on October 29th, after which we're sure the floodgates of information will open.

Thanks for the tip Fred 69!

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