Rumor: Nokia partners with P2i. Could a waterproof Lumia be coming soon?

Nokia is well known for using innovative technology when it comes to high-end smartphones, and the latest rumor has Nokia entering into partnership with P2i a company that specializes in waterproofing electronic devices.

GSMArena is reporting that this partnership will lead to future Nokia phones being waterproof. If this turns out to be true customers may be a lot more interested in the new Lumia phones as waterproofing would definitely increase a devices lifetime and market value.

Until now most waterproofing efforts have revolved around sealing a device so water cant get in. However this approach has many problems as its hard to perfectly seal a device and ensure that seal holds especially when the device has ports, microphones, and holes that are necessary. What P2i and a few other companies are doing is radically different. They let water get into the device but it doesnt affect anything due to a water repelling coat thats painted on every surface of the device, inside and out.

The rumor is that Nokias upcoming Lumia 1000 EOS device due later this year, will be used as a test bed for the technology. Of course this sounds pretty sweet but take it with a grain of salt as so far this is only speculation. Neowin has reached out to both companies for comment and will update this post accordingly.

Source: GSMArena

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