Rumors of layoffs of new staff at Apple stores reported

Is Apple's massive retail store success hitting a bump in the road? Maybe. A new report claims, via unnamed sources, that Apple has laid off some employees at some of its retail locations. claims that most of the layoffs have come from the UK and involve recently hired employees, including one that was hired just a month ago. The story adds that other Apple Stores around the world may have experienced the same kinds of job cuts.

In addition, the story claims that other part time employees in the US and Canada have had their hours cut back, including some that have been cut down to zero.

These new reports come just a couple of months after it was reported that Apple had given full time employees of their Apple Stores significant pay increases, along with bigger price discounts. These moves came on the heels of Apple taking some heat about how its retail store employees were treated (unlike other electronic store outlets like AT&T and Verizon, Apple does not give commissions for sales of products).

Of course, the lazy days of summer are about to end, as the fall and holiday shopping seasons are about to begin, along with the rumored launch of the next iPhone and a possible smaller version of the iPad. It's more that possible that Apple Store locations will see things pick up again very soon.


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